FORMAT P is a new experimental periodical in the humanities, published bi-annually by the Warsaw based Bęc Zmiana Foundation. FORMAT P regularly modifies its profile, editorial team, range of distribution, and even the motivations of its creators. However it always retains its handy format: 13x17 cm.

FORMAT P has a transitive character - the editorial team prepares each edition with a different group of specialists, leaving to them the task of developing the content-related concept. Each edition is bound with a strongly emphasized theme. Individuals and groups associated with intellectual collectives, artistic groups, and institutions are welcome to collaborate in creating the magazine.

FORMAT P shifts the point of focus onto independent, peripheral strongholds, situated well beyond the mainstream; it concentrates on the phenomena on the fringes of art history and literature, familiar only to a narrow group of experts. The magazine is a "printed laboratory" experimenting in search of ever new, fascinating correlations between various fields of culture and science.

With contemporary art as our starting point, we proceed to cover such topics as literature written by artists and curators, never-realised artistic projects and art exhibitions on paper. The previous issues were themed as follows: hell of things, phantom pains (this issue was produced and buried in the ground; thus, it became a "phantom magazine" in itself, existing solely in the stories of the people who helped to create it), art manifestos. The fourth issue of FORMAT P, entitled "Art Criticism as Pure Fiction", is the first issue to appear in English. It consists of a number of exhibitions in the form of literary pieces such as sci-fi short stories, poems and interviews with fictitious artists. The latest issue of FORMAT P includes texts by such contributors as Aaron Schuster, Antje Majewski, Dieter Roelstraete, Ovul Durmusoglu, Raqs Media Collective, Sina Najafi, Stine Herbert and Tom Morton, among others. The editor-in-chief of the fourth issue is Sebastian Cichocki from the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, curator of this year's exhibition in the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Graphic design is the work of the established Polish graphic artist Jakub Jezierski.

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